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New technologies in the realm of telephony bring communications advances that influence changes in business. Traditional imperatives in the SOH O   telephony market are the cost effectiveness and ease of operation and maintenance; the latest generation technologies provides both without requiring significant technical training and support. Ericsson-LG provides telephony solutions that fit the needs of small businesses to help accelerate business opportunities and provide better customer satisfaction with sophisticated service options - all the while, giving them full-control to manage the system for themselves. In the end, no matter what the size your business is, Ericsson-LG delivers business critical solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

New technologies in the realm of telephony bring us advancement in communications which in turn influence changes in business from large-sized enterprises to small ones.
However, traditional imperatives in the...

The LDP-7224D As desktop proprietary digital terminals in ARIA SOHO, LDP-7224D is normally used as a programming terminal or an attendant console with DSS. And optionally users may use wall-mount...

The LDP-7208D is 8-button digital phone for the LG-Ericsson LDK is a basic model for use in light traffic areas such as break rooms and waiting rooms.  The 8 programmable buttons may be used for...

LKA-200 In addition to provide the design consistency in your business, LKA-200/210 contains series of user friendly features and secure connection with Ericsson-LGs PABX's. 

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