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Voice logger 

Digitally monitor, record, retrieve and analyze inbound and outbound

Records voice calls on voice detection principle (VOX)

Can Directly Connect to PSTN Line or an Extension of EPABX

Recorded information can be retrieved, played back or copied to other media formats (CD, tape, etc)

Various levels of Voice quality and compression – compression ratio – 2:1, 4:1, 8:1 in VOX format.

The software supports up to 160 channels in analog lines

Alerts - on HDD full / Archive full - alerts by email, audio

Quick retrieval and replay of conversations i.e. search on various folders and retrieval on the basis of time, date, dialed phone number, channel, Caller ID information or text tags.

Recordings can be converted to WAVE file format if required and can also be sent as attachment with email.